“Set in Seattle, Washington, the feature documentary film The Long Night gives voice and meaning to the crisis of minors who are forced and coerced into the American sex trade. The film weaves together the stories of seven people whose lives are forever changed by domestic minor sex trafficking.

The Long Night is not themed to advocate a solution. Instead, it submerges the viewer in the experience of what it has been like for Natalie and Lisa to survive the life; for Tom and Nacole to watch their daughter slip out of their hands; for Andy and his fellow police officers, Brian and Joel, to try and create a more just system.

Filmed and directed by award-winning photojournalist Tim Matsui, The Long Night is an intimate and visceral testimony to those who have lived this crisis.”

-Taken from http://www.thelongnightmovie.com

Come join us in watching this documentary and hear from our Founder/President about how The Genesis Project is working in Seattle to fight against sex trafficking and for the freedom of women caught in the sex trade.

*Note: This film has explicit drug use and language, and also has sexual content due to the nature of the subject. It is recommended that the viewers be 18 or older. If under 18, adult supervision is strongly recommended.

Date and Time: TBD

Venue: The Corridor (2819 S. 208th St, SeaTac, WA 98198)

Cost:  FREE!

You are welcome to bring family and friends with you as you lean about sexual exploitation of minors in Seattle and what you can do about it. Just order another free ticket for them!

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