Your involvement can make a difference in a life just like the one in this true story!

“Shantell” first came to us without any hope.  Similar to so many girls, she came from a background where she didn’t have family support or anyone to speak encouragement into her life. However, that all changed when she walked through the doors of The Genesis Project.

Through the consistent care and love of volunteers and staff, a seed of hope and resolve was planted in her heart.  She spent many hours in conversation about her future with these women, and to this day she still wears a cross around her neck from one of the volunteers.  “Shantell” saw God’s love through the volunteers and staff and made a decision to give her life to the Lord.


Today she is living in a long term residential program that works specifically with women who have been victims of trafficking and prostitution.  “Shantell” has multiple layers of support in the form of counseling, life skills training, and mentorship. In addition, The Genesis Project has assisted her in pursuing her dream to become a nurse by helping her reenroll into college.

These days “Shantell” exudes optimism and joy.    Even though she lives in a residential program, “Shantell” still maintains relationship with the staff and volunteers at The Genesis Project.  As founder Andy Conner expresses, “We will be with them for the rest of their lives.”  She recognizes that she wouldn’t be where she is today if it wasn’t for the people God placed in her life.

“Shantell” shared with us, “We come from a lot of messed up backgrounds.  We don’t think that anyone cares about us.  It gives us a hope that we are important to somebody and that we can be something with our lives.”

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